General FAQs

What is a MirrorLite® Glassless Mirror?

MirrorLite® Glassless Mirrors reflect an optical-quality image that is bright, clear and free of distortion. And, because glassless mirrors are not made with glass, they offer several benefits over traditional glass mirrors such as:

  • On average, 85% lighter than same-size glass mirrors
  • Optically clear – Completely shatterproof
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to transport
  • Install on walls, ceilings or on stationary or rolling stands

How are MirrorLite® Glassless Mirrors made?

MirrorLite® Glassless Mirrors consist of a rigid foam core framed by an aluminum extrusion. The frame has a raised lip around the four edges. A highly reflective metalized film is stretched across the raised edges to form the mirror surface. Because the film is mounted on raised edges, an air space is created between the back of the film and the core. The air space, 1/8”, allows the film to flex under minor impact without damage.

How reflective is this metalized film and what is it made of?

86 to 92%. MirrorLite® uses an optically clear 2 mil (200 gauge) polyester film that has been metalized with aluminum (vacuum deposited). Our highest grade optical film Projection First surface (PFS) is also treated with a protective coating that gives it scratch resistance and environmental resistance (oxygen barrier).

What types of MirrorLite® Glassless Mirrors are available?

MirrorLite® offers 10 types of Glassless Mirrors. In addition, you may order custom mirrors by contacting us.

Wall Mount Mirrors MirrorLite® Wall Mount Mirrors are great for gyms, dance studios, performance studios and residential use. Lightweight mirrors are easily mounted to any wall surface using our fully adjustable wall brackets. The slotted mounting holes allow for minor adjustment in vertical and horizontal directions that offer perfect alignment for adjacent mirrors.

Ceiling Mirrors MirrorLite® Ceiling Mirrors fit into a standard 2 x 2 or 2 x 4 grid. Allowing a complete re-modeling of a space with minimal downtime. MirrorLite Ceiling Mirrors add thermal insulation for energy cost savings. The foam-core offers acoustical sound absorbing properties that enhance a room’s ability for multiple use. All this technology is concealed behind a clean, modern look of MirrorLite Ceiling mirrors.

Bi-fold Mirrors MirrorLite®  Bi-fold Mirrors consist of two smaller mirror panels joined together with a metal hinge. The bi-fold mirrors fold together face-to-face offering excellence protection when not in use. A Velcro strap holds the panels closed for storage and the folding handles make them convenient to transport. The bi-fold mirrors come with rubber feet to securely stand-up, without sliding on the floor. The velcro strap can also hold the mirror completely open if leaned against a wall or stands can be added from our Accessories Menu.

Tri-fold Mirrors MirrorLite® Tri-fold Mirrors offer a compact format with two way hinges that allow the mirrors to be folded into different configurations, both forwards and backwards! A velcro strap holds the panels closed for storage. Folding handles make them convenient to transport. MirrorLite Tri-fold Mirrors come with rubber feet to securely stand-up without sliding on the floor.

Wardrobe Mirrors MirrorLite® Wardrobe Mirrors are versatile and lightweight. They easily transported may be used for theatrical dressing rooms, classrooms, displays and exhibitions. When not in use, the mirror safely folds together and protects the mirror film surface within itself until is the next class, recital or exhibit. MirrorLite Wardrobe Mirrors may be easily adjusted for a better viewing with add-on accessories like rolling floor stands, the wardrobe mirror.

MEGA Mirrors Our MirrorLite® R&D team has put together a wide format film that allows for production of seamless mirrors up to 12 feet wide. Since it is made on a roll you may order any length you need. MirrorLite MEGA Mirrors allow for theater sets with minimal seams and greatly reduce the labor associated with installing stage size backgrounds. An 8’x10’ MirrorLite MEGA Mirror weighs only 26 lbs. Seamless imagery is critical for photography and video shoots, allowing for unique perspectives for the camera or audience. Entire rooms can be constructed with MirrorLite MEGA Mirrors for infinity effect of reflection within reflections. MEGA Mirrors are especially effective in dance studios, gyms and performance spaces.

Speech Therapy Our MirrorLite® Speech Therapy mirrors provide close, personal use for visual feedback during rehabilitation therapy. MirrorLite Glassless Mirrors provide a level of safety unparalleled by other mirror products. Our mirror easily folds into a protective portfolio which serves as an easel for the mirror and speech therapy visual aid cards (not included). Many other uses include portable make-up mirrors, face-painting stations and sample display showcases.

Scrim See-thru Mirrors Scrim See-thru mirrors are also known as “Two-way mirrors.” They work just like theatrical scrims. As you bring up light from behind the mirror, an image will appear to "bleed through." MirrorLite offers 28 standard sizes of scrim mirrors. We can custom build scrim panels up to 10 feet wide and 25 feet long!

Hardcoat Mirrors MirrorLite® Hardcoat Mirrors offers a combination of the excellent shatter-resistant qualities of acrylic plastic with high reflectance. MirrorLite Mirror Inc. has developed a proprietary process to laminate the acrylic to a flat backing eliminating 90% of possible distortions. This brings safety and shatterproof features to a durability of daily cleaning. MirrorLite Hardcoat Mirrors are a perfect replacement for heavy, traditional glass mirrors in environments such as gyms, physical therapy centers, schools, daycares, theaters, building lobbies, or anywhere else that you would need a high quality, lightweight, impact resistant reflective surface.

Optical Grade Mirrors We offer a special Optical Grade of Mirrorlite® Glassless Mirrors made specifically for use as optical or front surface mirrors. Optical Grade Mirrors are commonly used for science and technology solutions that require the highest level of reflectivity. Mirrorlite Optical Grade provides 92% reflectivity.

How much lighter is MirrorLite® Glassless Mirrors compared to a glass mirror?

MirrorLite® Glassless Mirrors are a fraction of the weight of a conventional glass mirror.  A glassless mirror panel 48” x 72” x 1 ¼” weighs approximately 10 pounds and a glass mirror of the same size weighs approximately 72 pounds. This means a Mirrorlite® Glassless Mirrors is 85% lighter.

Can MirrorLite® Glassless Mirrors break or shatter like glass?

No, MirrorLite® Glassless Mirrors cannot break or shatter. However if the mirror were to be hit, the reflective surface may dent, puncture or tear.

Can MirrorLite® Glassless Mirrors help lower insurance premiums?

Besides the obvious benefit of superior safety over traditional glass mirrors, MirrorLite® Glassless Mirrors can cut your yearly business insurance costs by more than half, especially in establishments that traditionally have large amounts of glass around their customers, such as dance studios, gyms, bars, etc. Many school districts and government agencies will not allow standard glass mirrors to be installed due to liability claims. Glassless mirrors are the safe and cost-effective alternative. Without dangerous shards of glass, glassless mirrors significantly reduce the likelihood of injury minimizing exposure to liability claims. Some insurance companies may offer lower rates – check with yours.

Are there other savings with using MirrorLite® Glassless Mirrors?

MirrorLite® Glassless Mirrors are shatterproof, lightweight, flexible and may be installed just about anywhere. MirrorLite® Glassless Mirrors are a fraction of the weight of a conventional glass mirror. This results in lower cost for Installation, shipping and assembly and makes MirrorLite® a cost effective solution when compared to traditional glass products.

Does MirrorLite® Glassless Mirrors have an international distributor?

Yes, We deliver MirrorLite® Glassless Mirrors all over the world! Please Contact us for more details.

Can I have a sample?

Contact us for a MirrorLite® sample. Samples can be free: For a $20 fee we will produce a 6" x 9" sample mirror for you and you may deduct the cost from your final order.