Installation & Assembly


MirrorLite® Glassless Mirror may be applied to any flat surface with little or no preparation. Because of its light weight, wall inserts and supports are eliminated. The mirror can be mounted directly to finished plaster, wood paneling and interior partitioning.

For wall mounting, mirrors are provided with a pair of wall mount brackets. Rectangular mirrors have mounting holes to allow hanging on the long or short dimension. Dual Lock "hook and loop" fasteners are available for the corners to position the mirror. For irregular wall surfaces other conventional attachments can be used such as “J” moldings or foam tape.

The lightweight and shatterproof qualities allow MirrorLite® Glassless Mirror to be suspended from ceilings with wire or nylon line. Standard suspension systems are easily adapted for mirror installation. The aluminum frame can be drilled for various self-tapping fasteners giving the designer complete freedom to devise custom attachments.

How can MirrorLite® Glassless Mirrors be installed?

MirrorLite® Glassless Mirror wall panels ship pre-drilled along with mounting brackets for easy installation. Mounting is as simple as has hanging a large picture. Mirror panels can be suspended from a ceiling with wire, nylon line or affix with velcro.  MirrorLite® Glassless Mirror ceiling tiles can be installed in a standard ceiling grid system.
Can MirrorLite® Glassless Mirrors be cut or fitted on site?

Yes, in some cases MirrorLite® Glassless Mirrors can be fitted onsite around recessed canister light fixtures and air diffusers. Ideally, cut outs for HVAC and electrical panels are made at the factory to your specifications, upon receipt of your drawings. Please contact us for details.
Does MirrorLite® do custom on site installation?

Yes, we offer delivery options and on site installation for custom projects. Please see Custom Orders.