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Scrim See-Thru MEGA Mirror 96" x 144" x 1-7/16" thick

Scrim See-Thru MEGA Mirror 96" x 144" x 1-7/16" thick

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Scrim See-thru Glassless mirrors are also known as “Two-way mirrors”. They are metalized to approximately 50% light transmission and work just like theatrical scrims. This means the panels made with this film are reflective when lit from the front, and become transparent when lit from behind. These are commonly used for theatrical applications or wherever a special effect is needed. It also has commercial applications, such as, security mirrors where discreet surveillance in casinos, department stores, and correctional facilities is necessary.

The creative boundaries are limitless with the Scrim-See Thru Glassless mirror and can be create an innovative display technique: Infinity Mirrors. By stacking the scrim mirrors with LED lights, you can create an infinitely producing reflection.

Our MEGA See Thru Glassless Mirrors allow for a seamless reflection in one piece as large as 10 feet by 12 feet.